Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad medicine

I suppose I should say something about Dead to Rights: Retribution, but there really isn't much to talk about. Instead of talking about what it is, here is what it is not. It is not an RPG of any kind; there are no stat points to meter out, skills to learn, items to farm, level caps to hit or equipment to agonize over. There is no exploration to be done, precious little of anything to find in the levels, and no freedom to choose different ways to accomplish goals. There is no sandbox to play in, open world to get lost in, or plot to be involved in. Characters are paper thin stereotypes, the writing was clearly not done by paid writers, and no one spent any money on obtaining good voice actors. Dead to Rights: Retribution is not revolutionary, evolutionary, or even a slightly new take on an old idea. It is not cross genre, it is never subtle, and it never even gets close to being politically correct. Most of all, it really isn't very good.

It is, however, exactly what I need right now to clean out the cracks of my brain that have been filled with weeks of agonizing over the right place for a character to land after a hero action, or the right barrel to attach where, or what the hell the plot is trying to do. I didn't need to turn my brain off to enjoy it, the thing had shut itself down already, which allows the grotesque violence of Dead to Rights to wash over me, being enjoyed for what it is, then quickly forgotten. If it weren't for Street Fighter practice last night and tonight's ranbat it would already be over, so I am happy to have other things to break it up into smaller pieces.

Last week someone asked me who the new Scott Pilgrim movie was aimed at. Without thinking I muttered 'weeaboos,' even though 1: that is not true and more than a little offensive, and 2: the person had no way of possibly knowing what that meant. This slip of the tongue did lead me to urban dictionary to make sure that it meant what I thought it did, and it does. Like almost everything else on the internet its beginnings are found at 4chan, though even they stole it from somewhere else.

And I still cannot muster any interest in Scott Pilgrim.

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