Friday, August 6, 2010

The calm before more calm

Imagine my embarrassment when, after turning to YouTube for a quick answer to beating a boss in Resonance of Fate, I find that the solution is to simply run past him and shoot him from behind. I was so hung up on it being a one on one boss battle that I forgot to actually think about what the hell I was doing.

While I do not rescind the previously doled fucks, I must accept at least some of the responsibility for my outburst. Resonance of Fate has reached the unfortunate period of time in which I just want it to be done and no longer care about figuring things out for myself. It happens for most RPG's, and usually a plot twist will pull them out of it, but I do not think one is coming. How can you twist what is not there? There is not enough plot to mess with; for all I know there have been several and I have just not noticed.

In other news, I am on vacation, and I really doubt anyone wants to hear about my boat ride, shopping for tchotchkes, or biking through the woods, so updates will be light until Monday. If I wanted to talk about boring things I would have a Facebook account.

Screw you, Google Chrome spell checker, that's a word. I checked.

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