Friday, August 27, 2010

A close call

Last night, after spending an hour dying in the same dungeon in 3D Dot Game Heroes, I gave up. There is a reason that games like this don't show up very often: they aren't fun anymore. Nostalgia will only get you so far (it got me through 4 and half of six or so areas), but it certainly does not pay the bills when frustration kicks in. I got tired very quickly of getting one room further in, then getting nailed by an enemy that I swore was not in line with me and losing all but one half heart, that no amount of rose tinted memories could keep me going. The final straw was getting to a room, spending fifteen minutes on the puzzle, then figuring out that it needed magic to solve. Only I didn't have any magic. Those guys that take away all but one half heart? They take all your magic, too, so I would to have to either grind these same enemies for potion drops or walk all the way back to the nearest town, buy heath and magic potions, walk all the way back, then hope that it was enough to get me to the end so I would not have to do it all again. It was not longer worth the trouble.

This still in mind, I was more than ready to launch today's fuck you at From Software; that is two games in a row of theirs that I have disliked enough to stop playing, and that almost never happens. To keep things fair I hit up their wikipedia article to see what other games they had done, just in case these two were a recent aberration. There are some real terrible games there, games like Eternal Ring and Evergrace, and a few awful Tenchu PS2 games. But then there are real gems, like Lost Kingdoms, a card based RPG that broke the fifth wall in one of the most creative ways I had ever seen, and action games like Otogi and Ninja Blade that I have a hard time finding fault with. I will admit that both Demon Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes are both game of generally good quality, they are simply not for me, so I cannot hate the developer too much for making them, at least no more than I hate everyone else. So they get a check swing fuck you.

So, who is deserving this week?

I would complain about Playdom letting Acclaim go bankrupt. Again. But no one should play those grind heavy pseudo MMO's anyway, so maybe they did us a favor. Without a more specific target I will revert to my general target of nerd rage and pointless ill will (and it's not Nintendo or motion controllers, believe it or not).

Fuck Apple.

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