Sunday, August 15, 2010


It is finished, and I have no idea what happened.

Everyone died, then they were all alive again. Honestly, I no longer cared. The credits were a sweet release from a game that only my obsessive compulsive failings kept me playing. As soon as I stopped hoarding my items things got much easier, but I would not have had enough of them for the last level if I hadn't been squirreling them away for the last forty hours. This created a final dungeon that was long, filled with enemies that re-spawned as soon as you left their room, but not very difficult. Not much of a climax here, so the sweet release is more of a 'meh, at east it didn't hurt,' but at least it is done and I can delete it from my hard drive.

I am not sure why I could walk away from Deadly Premonition but Resonance of Fate would not let me go. I also often wondered if good combat could carry a lifeless RPG, and the answer to that is yes, for a while. I have played plenty of very good RPG's with boring combat. Skies of Arcadia is probably my favorite RPG, and its combat was just good enough to keep me from throwing things at the TV. The opposite being true, very good combat and boring characters, story and setting, should be easy. It should play just fine, but it doesn't. It is very difficult to invest forty hours in something when you don't give two shits about it after the first ten. I have no excuse, and should not have given it as much of my time as I did, but I game habitually, and it is a habit that I have surrendered myself entirely to.

This makes more time for Street Fighter and other terrible games like Dead to Rights: Retribution and 3D Dot Game Heroes. After watching (and very much enjoying) The Expendables over the weekend shooting people for fun and profit sounds just about right.

And because the YouTube copyright vultures have removed every clip of Braveheart from their site, you get this instead:

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