Wednesday, August 4, 2010

God damn that DJ made my D-D-D-D...

This is terrible news.

Torchlight II announced for next year.

I had to physically restrain myself from playing the first one until all hours of the night. Only a Windows re-install saved me, though I should go back and finish it one of these days. Bringing  out the second one before anyone sees Diablo III is genius. I just hope they maintain the $20 price point.

So, on to DJ Hero. I seriously missed the boat on this one.

Originally I was turned off by the price point. After buying something like five Guitar Hero games and two Rock Band games my budget for the plastic instrument genre was pretty much shot. For the record, it has still not recovered: Band Hero and Green Day Rock Band remain unpurchased. Many months later DJ Hero has dropped to a more impulse friendly level and I don't really understand why. Yes, it works on the same basic principle as every other music game: things fall down from the top of the screen and you have to react to them in a timely manner. This also describes Tetris, Columns, Gradius, about a million other things, and is not terribly fair. It feels like there is more to juggle with this one, with three buttons, a turn table, a cross fader and some other dial that I do not know the name for all demanding your attention an roughly the same time. Getting completely lost in a track can happen quickly, something that I have not experienced since the early days of the first Guitar Hero, so medium is as high as I am taking things right now. The jump to hard to massive, as directional scratches and other nonsense are introduced (remember the first time you actually had to use your pinkie on a guitar? This is worse) and what I sampled of expert I may never be able to do. Thankfully there really is no option to fail here. The track keeps going no matter how poorly you do; this may not be the most efficient way to learn but it is more fun than sitting in practice mode trying to nail the ending meadlies for hours at a time.

Tracks, to use the native lingo, have been a mixed bag but are mostly enjoyable. Hollaback Girl is always awful, no matter what it is mixed with, and I feel dirty having even typed the name. Crossing David Bowie with 50 Cent, though, is remarkable. I cannot explain why; it just works. Each of the mixes has one track that is the more dominant (usually the one that has phatter beats) so you do not always get to hear as much of what you like as you'd like, but nothing aside from the Gwen Stefani nonsense has been painful to work with.

Note: I like No Doubt. The old No Doubt, before Gwen went crazy. I blame Gavin Rossdale, the cunt.

Street Fighter ranbats start again next week. Just in case there is any doubt, yes, I am completely full of shit. Nothing I say should be used for anything beyond entertainment purposes. What I may do, however, is pick a  completely new character so I have an excuse for being terrible.

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