Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspired, stolen, same thing

3D Dot Game Heroes is one of those games that has been languishing in my queue for so long that I had forgotten it was there. As soon as it shipped I realized that I had not turned on my PS3 in over two months and that an update was probably in order; it is a good thing I took care of it then instead of waiting until the last minute like I usually do. I've probably said it before, but my phat PS3 is a handsome beast, it just takes it a while to get running again after long periods of neglect. Even the games I already own are not immune. Just seeing the teaser screens for Super Stardust HD are enough to pull me in a for a game or two, but not when there is a 150MB patch required to play it.

Let's not equivocate here: 3D Dot Game Heroes is Zelda. There is absolutely no denying it, and I really don't think that From Software is even trying to hide it. Everything, from the opening quest to retrieve a magic sword from a hidden forest to the overworld music to the sound effect that the hero makes when you get an item are so close to A Link to the Past that I can hear copyright lawyers salivating every time I boot the thing up. Maybe it fits under the vague protection of 'parody,' but damn, this might as well be another sequel, only replace Link with the hero from Ginormo Sword. This -

has an awful lot in common with this -

Ahem, apparently it is all about the width.

Bonus points to From Software for ripping on me for hating Demon Souls one last time. Quoted directly from a random shlub in a town:

'I have that demon game. Can you trade? It's too hard!'


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  1. You really should get through demon's souls. Its incredible.