Monday, August 30, 2010

It's the end of the whole damn world!

Oh no! Microsoft is raising the price of Xbox Live to $60 a year (for the United States)!

The horror! How can they do this! What could possibly make them think that raising the price of a voluntary service they provide is acceptable! More so, why do they think they should get to make money?!

This shit should be free, yo! All of it. I have been on Xbox Live since Mechassault, they owe me! I can't believe they would stoop so low as to jack up the price on this stuff. How am I supposed to afford my weed and 40's of Old E now? Get a job? They can't be serious. How am I supposed to play their games all day if I have to work for a living. Like Microsoft needs more money, anyway, it's not like they have continually added features to this thing. I didn't pay for Office or Windows, why should I pay for this? Plus, I can't even use my hacked Xbox on live, so why should I pay for it?

Sony's is free, and it's almost as good! Maybe I should just jump ship and play Killzone instead of Halo. Master Chief is old news to be sure, he doesn't even kill random people in airports or hunt down the taliban, anyway.

The nerve of some people. 


OK, that hurt to write. If you think I am exaggerating, look here. Every single "argument" can be adequately answered with 'dude, it's $10. Shut it.' The level of arrogant entitlement displayed by these people is embarrassing to behold. This isn't the price of milk or eggs (or gas) we're talking about here, people! Microsoft placed an arbitrary value of $50 a year on a non-essential service they provided many years ago. They have now decided to raise the price of this non-essential service, most likely in an effort to make more money, because that is the entire fucking point of the service. Newsflash, mouth breathing tea baggers, Microsoft, and every other company out there for that matter, is in this for the money. They don't really care about you, they care about keeping you happy enough to keep you giving them money. The fact that we are able to derive some enjoyment out of this wallet vacuuming is just a pleasant side effect. If $10 more a year injures you so intensely then maybe you shouldn't gotten into gaming in the first place. There are plenty of free activities like running around outside and shutting the fuck up that you could engage in. 

These can't all be real people, can they? Look at this one:

Once again, dude, it's $10. Shut it.

Xbox Live was $50 a year when it started. Since then there have been several full browser updates, Netflix, Facebook, Zune, Last FM, and the now defunct 1 vs 100, and there is that ESPN silliness coming soon. The price, up to this point has not changed. If anything, we are overdue.


I am not a Microsoft loyalist or apologist, but I do understand that products exist to generate revenue, and that when a good revenue stream is found said company will do what they can to maximize it. It's just business , people, it's nothing personal. And if you are this guy?

Don't forget to breath.

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