Monday, August 9, 2010

The non game game

Last week I stumbled across Sporcle and I have regretted it ever since. Firstly, because it demands just a little more of my daily time that I do not have. Secondly, because it has reminded me that I am not nearly as smart or well versed in the commonplace as I thought I was. New quizzes appears daily, and I attempt most of them, and do well on very few. There are some specific geek tests, but they are so geeky that I cannot imagine what kind of asperger laced wierdo would actually be able to pass them. Granted, this is the internet, so someone will ace them, but no one that be called human without a smirk.

It's back on the horse tonight. Time to practice for a few hours for the first ranbat tomorrow. Picking up a new character has been put aside; I just want to be able to do a few more things with the one that I already know. Blanka has a few one frame link combos that actually worth the time it takes to learn, and oddly enough one of the flashiest was already in my arsenal (crossover medium kick, double knee, light punch, ball). Crossing over, however, is a bad habit that I need to break myself, and soon. I learned the hard way that Bison's ultra 2 can stuff a poorly timed crossover, as can just about any mashed uppercut move. It is a gimmick that works on people who I can already beat in less dangerous ways, and is just not a good idea against anyone with any ability apart from simple shenanigans. Blanka's other main link that I have seen used to great effect is crouching medium kick, standing jab, ball. If I was really good I could hit confirm the couching medium kick because it feels like that link is very late, but I could be wrong. It doesn't add much damage, but it does make a dangerous move a little safer.

I am also working on canceling moves into the dash for pure 'what the fuck is he doing' reasons. It works about once or twice a match: blocked crouching medium kick, forward dash puts me right behind and ready for a throw. It is amazing how many people get caught by this, and the picture of them shaking their head, muttering 'why did I fall for that bullshit' brings a smile to my face. And then when I do it again right after?


Blanka really is a troll character, and I have learned to love and accept that, especially when comments like this:

"All Blanka mains should kill themselves."

are not that uncommon.

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