Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not ironic, but definitely unpleasant

It is an odd feeling to grins away at a game for three plus hours and not feel like you got anywhere. It happens often enough JRPG's, but these wastelands of entertainment are usually (usually) followed up by something big, important thing that somehow makes the previous time worth it. To lose an entire night to playing Street Fighter poorly in another thing entirely. It is difficult to find worth in three hours of losing. Despite my frustration I kept going, taking deep breaths while walking around then hiding out in practice mode. In the end, do you know what my reward was?

Blanka mirror matches.

Two of them.

In a row, and I lost them both.

It was as if the entire XBLA Street Fighting "community" got together and said, 'You know what would be funny? Let's hit this guy who's had a rough night with the most annoying match in the game. And then when he chokes away a victory, let's do it again. And then? Feed him people who have never played the game before, so even though he wins, there is not satisfaction in it.'

This is a few days early, but fuck Blanka, though only when I have to play against him.

Side note: Guile is much harder to use than people think, but he is a great counter pick to Honda. Headbutt? Sonic boom. Butt stomp? Crouching fierce. What else do ya got?

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