Thursday, August 12, 2010

They all have it coming

The problem with squeezing out a post after I played last night is that I have done nothing of interest between now and then. Plus, I have not been around a computer all day so I have no idea if anything cool has happened.  Sure, BioShock 3 was announced, but hearing that is about as surprising as being told that big companies like money. Why is it we have gotten three BioShock's, two God of War sequels, 2 Gears of War, innumerable Maddens, the resurgence and subsequent milking of Street Fighter, a reboot and then a retcon of the reboot for Prince of Persia, three Skate games, StarCraft 2, a World of Warcraft expansion, and two god damn Ninety Nine Nights games and Ubiosoft has still not released Beyond Good and Evil 2? There is no justice, I tell you, none. Lara Croft hasn't been relevant for years and she has gotten more games made. There have been two 8 bit sequels to Mega Man, a reboot of Bionic Commando (with an upcoming sequel to the reboot) and still no BGaE2. Mortal Kombat is going back to 2D, Capcom and Namcom are slobbering over each other, adding dimensions to Ryu and taking them away from Kazuya, setting up the epic battle between Zangief and Kuma and there is no word of Jade beyond a trailer from last year. Diablo 3, Rage and Half Life 2: Episode 3 are probably going to see the light of day before we find out what the hell was on Peyj's hand at the end of the game, for fucks sake.

You really want to get mad? Think about how many Pokemon games have been released between 2003 and now.


I am not joking!

Now I'm all pissed off, which is the perfect mood to be in to play an RPG that I don't like anymore.

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