Monday, August 2, 2010

Well, he seems reasonably intelligent

Charm will only get you so far in life. Eventually even the most charming, affable individual is going to have to actually produce something of worth or intelligence in order to be taken seriously. The same is true for games, though it is much less fun to call out a game on being full of shit than a person. Take Deadly Premonition as an example. For the first day or so I was enamored with its off best humor and bizarre characters. I didn't know why I liked it, but I did. Last night I sat down to play for a few hours and was immediately bored by it. I arrived at the location of my next objective, but it was the wrong time. Smoking passes time, so I did that for around twelve hours. The next thing I know York was tired and hungry and the closest bed was a real time five minute drive away. I didn't like the game, I was temporarily fooled by some slick writing and a self inflicted blind eye to bad graphics. This game was full of shit. It was actually liberating to take out the disc, proclaim that the game was balls, and move on with my time. I had already played this game not once, but twice. It was called Shenmue then, and that game has aged so poorly that I have no desire to play it again, even with schizophrenic FBI agents who makes constant asides to his wang about bad 80's movies.

Not five minutes after turning that off an returning to Resonance of Fate did I run into serious bull shit a second time, this time in the form of an optional battle that was clearly beyond my ability that there was no escaping from once started. My newly liberating ability to walk away from things almost took over, but I was calmed by the need to play something, and I am still afraid to start DJ Hero. The turntable sits under my TV, waiting to be spun, but I remember those first few days with the original Guitar Hero, stumbling around tracks on medium like a trombone player who has been handed a violin (that crack is just for my brother. HA!) and I do not look forward to repeating them. Instead I swallowed my anger, reloaded a save, and pushed forward. Things have almost started happening in Resonance of Fate, plot things, and to quit now would leave all of them  unresolved.

Plus quiting a game after three hours is bad, quitting after twenty five hours in unthinkable.

This is also why I do not play traditional MMOs.

And now, in honor of all the bullshit I have endured in the last twenty four hours:

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