Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is old is new and shinier

This is a real thing:

Mortal Kombat HD Kollection incoming.

First things first, shame on them for describing re-drawing sprites in high definition as the easy way. That kind of nonsense smacks of the old console wars and we all should be past that (lol Wii lol). An old-new Mortal Kombat to go along with next years new-old Mortal Kombat had enough merit on its own that no mud slinging is required. The fact that there are doing the first three games separately is even better; I can ignore the first and third and focus on the pinnacle of the series without having my eyes viscously gouged by jaggies. If we have finally reached the point in gaming where there are no more new ideas left and we have to go trolling through the garbage for material, so be it, at least this time around in will be in 1080 lines of vertical resolution and online.

I came in fifth (or sixth) in the ranbat last night, losing to another Bison and a Cody who had improved significantly since the last time we played. In casuals afterward I may have stumbled across a new character that should finally get more of my attention: Guile. Call me a tier whore if you like, as the newest ones place him at the top, but he has exactly was Dee Jay is missing: really good normals. Dee Jay is fun, and I will keep playing him, but watching high end Guile players is amazing. When played correctly he is both offensive and defensive at the same time, doesn't mind being cornered too much, does pretty good damage on reasonable combos, and has the coolest cancel in the game: flash kick FADC shades. There are few other totally ridiculous FADC combos, like canceling a flash kick into ultra 2 (and I do not understand how you keep a charge doing it) but all of that is getting ahead of things. Right now, if I am going to be serious about finally learning a new character, all I need to work on is zoning with sonic booms and punishing jump ins with crouch fierce.

That, and remembering that flash is still pretty terrible for anything other than finishing combos.

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  1. I think when you back dash out of the fadc that keeps the charge intact to pull off the ultra.

    You can do a similar motion to pull off a (mid-screen) combo into dee-jay's u2. (