Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cthulu dance party

Betrayed by the US postal service, I was forced to find a way to pass the evening without the benefit of a new shooter. I started out by doing something that I am usually loath to do: play a demo for a game that I have already paid for and comes out in a scant few days. Amnesia drops on the 8th, and I was not planning on looking at anything about it until then, but then I remembered that video card is around two years old, an eternity in computer time. The demo plays just fine at my giant monitors ridiculous native resolution, so know I am left knowing what the first thirty minutes of the game are all about. It is definitely worth the $20 I laid down for it several months ago, but to be honest I was hoping it would be more frightening. Wandering around in the dark was certainly a little unnerving, but I had shut all the lights off in the house and donned my headphones in anticipation of unnameable cyclopean horrors. What I got instead was some very well done water effects and something invisible stomping around in it. Granted, this is just the first thirty minutes, but I wanted to lose sleep over this game, staring into the dark corners of my room for fear of something being there that was just waiting for me to close my eyes.

The remainder of the evening was spent in stark contrast to the Poe/Lovecraft fan-wank that started in. I took the opportunity to finish up dropping phat beats in DJ Hero. The mixes actually became less listen-able as the difficulty increased, with less and less of the original songs left, replaced by long sections of scratching. This would have been more interesting if I was brave enough to edge the difficulty up past medium, but that will be left for another time. Suffice to say that DJ Hero 2 is now on the buy list, a guilty pleasure to the highest degree.


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