Friday, September 24, 2010

Droogs stole my bits

There is nothing quite like irrevocably losing around 500 gig of unbacked up data to destroy your afternoon and completely negate any desire to do anything past sit and feel sorry for one's self, but I will soldier on.

Just Cause 2 has gotten something wonderfully backward, ensuring that I will spend much more time on it than I had planned. Usually the meat of a game is in the story missions, with side missions comprised of fetch quests and silly races. Just Cause 2 has races, of course, and they are silly, but there is really no reason to do them. Even better is that so far the side missions have been the highlight of the game, with the few story quests I have bothered with being downright pedestrian in comparison. Last night I stormed an island guarded my some sort of lightning machine and populated by Japanese World War II veterans who thought the conflict was still going on. It was both ridiculous and awesome, proving that Just Cause 2 made the right choice when it decided to never take itself seriously.

I have never managed to finish a GTA game even though the actual game play is indistinguishable from Just Cause 2 or Red Dead Revolver. They get to bogged down in un-fun minutiae and quickly lose my attention, where as giving me new and creative targets to blow up on a regular basis is a great way to keep me glued to your fantasy. Look at The Saboteur: from a distance the game really wasn't anything special, yet I had much more fun blowing up Nazis and driving away laughing and drinking a Guinness that is healthy. Just Cause 2 has the same drama, and I fear that following this with Crackdown 2, a game that got a resounding 'meh' from the community at large, will not be a good idea.

It looks like the only way to get my mind off of failed raid arrays is a bit of the old ultraviolence. So be it. 

Hmph. Still didn't work.

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