Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am not confused, really

I get the feeling that there are large chunks of Kane and Lynch 2 sitting around on the floor over at Io. Maybe they were just to graphic or too violent, maybe there were just not very good, or perhaps they were just too lazy to go back and polish up their old ideas. This really is about half of a game. What is here was not terrible, in a grainy 'I want to be like Manhunt now that Manhunt doesn't seem so bad anymore' way. There was an odd reverse difficulty curve, as the weapons you start with and that the introductory thugs drop when murdered are universally terrible. I couldn't hit shit with them, yet Asian miscreants are able to pick me of at ridiculous yardage with Uzi's. It's just not fair. Things even out later when soldiers start dropping fanciful rifles that are accurate to hell and back, but they come at you by the dozens so it is pretty much a necessity.

There are of course plot holes and completely implausible things happening all the time, but none of them are so far past what other mediocre actions games have done that they are deal breakers. One of the final sections find you being ferried around a skyscraper in a helicopter, knocking out windows (and entire sections of the building) with large caliber machine guns. This was the first and only time that the poorly recorded VHS filter actually made sense, lending the same kind of eerie plausibility to what was going on as whatever Call of Duty saw you shooting insurgents from a gunship at 30,000 feet (seriously, they all blend together after a while). It was the best part of the game, and it was basically on on rails shooter section, which is not really a resounding endorsement, but it is better than playing nothing and watching television instead.

Until House starts up again. Hugh Laurie.... **SWOON**

Um, er, must recover this...

MANLY THINGS: The New Dante!

Shit. That didn't help at all. What the hell is that? That's Dante? Looks more like a refugee from Trainspotting who listens to too much My Chemical Romance.

Apparently some Halo related thing came out recently. This would explain why no one showed up for ranbats last night. But at least we got our team battle in. I wish understood where my flashes of competence came from. After stinking up the whole place for several matches I ran through the members of the team by myself. Granted, one was not playing his main, and if he was he would have (and has) murdered me, but another was right about equal to me skill wise. The third was someone whose Chun Li I had never beaten and I may never beat again.

Looks like there is some life left in the old balls still. Perhaps it is not quite time to desert him.

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