Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living in the past

You would think that in the year or our lord 2010 most places that see themselves fit to charge even the most nominal fee for a place to sleep would contain a television produced in the last ten fucking years. I diligently packed up my 360 las night, thinking I would have av few hours to get work done on Just Cause 2, only to find a fossil of a CRT taking up the space that should be filled by something much thinner.This level of frustration is almost enough to goad me into running across the street, buying a PSP and some random game, then playing it for the two hours between now and when I go to bed. Only knowing that I would very rarely use such a device stops me. It has been a long, long time since I have owned a handheld, and it is only on boring, sober nights away from home like tonight that I miss them. Handheld games have never held the same immersion for me as sitting to close to a TV and turning off the lights. I am never able to forget that what I am playing is nothing more than a game, mostly because my hands are always in plain sight. No matter how interesting the game is it is always bound by my grubby mitts, pulling me back to the real world.

The most fun I ever had with a handheld was trolling pictochat at a video games convention. Nothing like a room full of video game store managers, all of whom had been given a DS the year prior, to bring out the anonymous dickheads. It's a wonder we weren't all fired.

Oh god, I just turned on the TV. It's like I am back in the early 90's. Shoot me now.

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