Thursday, September 30, 2010

More than the hands can handle

Guitar Hero-ing can never happen on concurrent days, and my wrists are too flimsy and weak to handle the strain. The last half hour was agony, and even as I began to miss notes because my fingers would not longer respond I pressed on. It's not like I don't have a tone of other stuff to play, so why suffer for multiple days in a row?

Next on the list of old games that were missed and still need playing is Transformers War for Cybertron. Hopes were high with this one, as Half Moon studios released Darkwatch. Darkwatch was very good, though it does hold the dubious honor of being the game that finally drove me to GameFly. I bought it and was done with it in two days, then traded it back in for half the money. Not a good investment, to be sure. Anyway, Transformers seems to have nothing to do with the recent movies, as it is set on their home planet of Cybertron instead of little Le Bouf's backyard. Aside from the nostalgia factor it is unremarkable, with the actions descending into chaos so quickly that even the mighty Megatron ends up getting taken down by cheap shots from unseen opponents. Once I figured out that I am better off starting and finishing all encounters from as far away as possible it got easier, but sniping from several football fields away doesn't feel very Megatron, it feels all smarmy and cheap, like Starscream.

I will say that Megatron is evil, through and through. Everyone is expendable, and he doesn't take shit from anyone or anything. Case in point:

Megatron: Decepticons, into the tunnel! (it was some sort of giant subway tunnel, complete with trains quite capable of crushing you)

Nameless Decepticon: Are you kidding?

Megatron: Yes, I am famous for my sense of humor. Now get in the tunnel before I dismantle you myself!

Hmm. It doesn't look that good on paper, but trust me it pretty awesome. Or at least amusing. Ok, so it wasn' that great, but it is better than watching that awkward, fully clothed sex scene from Darkwatch again.

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