Friday, September 10, 2010

No one expects the Spanish inquisition

Ghosts? No problem. Scary monsters? Bring 'em on. Doors opening and closing on their own? More power too them, it's less work for me. Vivid descriptions of medieval torture devices?

Fuck that. Seriously. Ew.

Things have gotten a little more gross in the world of Amnesia. The main character just discovered that his last few weeks have rivaled the 90 Days of Sodom, complete with iron maidens, ritual sacrifice and overdoses of laudanum. It's not the visuals that have disturbed me, but the narration and written flash backs of both the torturer and victims that are difficult to bare. A man is placed, standing, in an iron maiden. His knee is nicked by a razor sharp spike and he instinctively flinches forward, only later realizing that the gooey parts of his right eye are now leaking out. Another is sealed within a metal bull and a fire lit beneath it, and a third is broken on a wheel. When I say broken, I mean his limbs are twisted until they fit between the large spokes, giving him extra joints in all the wrong places. There are three more of these rooms that I have to find, and I am not looking forward to it. It is no wonder that Daniel chose to forget all he had done; it was the only way to remain sane. And as awful as all of these things are, not seeing any of it actually happen is so much more effective then forcing someone to model every little pustule in the worst possible detail.

I predict Amnesia will end this evening, allowing me to return the relatively safe console world of Just Cause and Kane and Lynch 2, but it has certainly reminded me of what I have left behind when I deserted PC gaming. Little gems like this usually don't make it to consoles, the arrival (and subsequent ignoring) of Zeno Clash on XBLA being the notable exception. Sitting in in moderately uncomfortable chair with my face inches from the screen, head enclosed by over sized head phones is the only way Amnesia would work, and I am happy my computer still had the resources to play it (at maximum resolution, the only way to go).

Side note: why did I just spend ten minutes looking through the site that I found those images on? What is wrong with me?

Oh no, what the hell, a torture device coloring book? Stay within the lines, or else.

 What have I done.

P.S.: Yes, I know the images are broken. That's what I get for hotlinking to a site that is full of implements of torture.

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