Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One move win

I take back what I said about Guile being more complicated than I though. He is actually significantly less complicated than I gave him credit for, at least as far as the general match flow goes. There was a lot of Guile played last night. When I back dashed and sonic boomed over and over I won. When I tried to put forth any sort of offense I did not win. There has to be more here; I want to play him aggressively and lack the ability to do so. He did help me avoid a mirror match with a superior Blanka player. The guy was surprised enough by my choice that I snuck a match out of him before the shenanigans kicked in. It is the pinnacle of frustration to fall for the same tricks that I use on people. What was even worse is he does them better.

Anyway, back to Guile. I want to be able to stuff like this (skip to around 1:45)

That is a fine link into super there. Then there is the ridiculousness of FADC-ing a flashkick into Ultra 2. There are ten minute tutorials on it, complete with slow motion video of hand movements. This Guile thing is some sort of cult, and I want in, if only to have someone to fall back on for Balrog, Honda and mirror matches. Sonic booming all day is fine, but I have to learn a few punish combos for when that falls through. And I have to remember that jumping backward is just not that great of an idea.

And I have to get used to playing someone with a normal hitbox. 

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