Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Death Knell

On a whim, after finishing up Quantum Theory's single player, I decided to see if there was any life left in its multi-player offerings. I had no intention of playing anything, I just wanted to know if anyone, anywhere, was online in this game. I did a targeted search on each of its undoubtedly generic modes and came up empty each time. Finally I attempted to find a quick of anything, and it didn't even bother taking time to think.

'No one is playing this shit,' came the reply, 'why the hell are you?'

If I must say something nice about Quantum Theory, and since I feel like stretching the truth at least a little bit, some of the level design was at least interesting. The higher I got in the tower the more organic and malleable everything became, culminating in areas that changed shape as I was going through them. I will not go so far as to say that they were good, but they did successfully break up the tedium. Nothing else went right, up to and including the way achievements were handled. Locking away a good chunk of them in a multi-player that no one is playing anymore (and that no one ever played) is bad form. Giving out less than 200 for finishing the bloody thing on Normal is also not acceptable. I am not exactly an achievement point whore, but I do like to have at least a little bit to show for trudging through another bad shooter. Giving out ten points for killing the last boss is just adding a little more salt to the wound.

This defiantly was a total loss from beginning to end, but it still wasn't as bad as the ten minutes of Naughty Bear I played. That was true torture.

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