Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lonely ear worms

Did anyone else play the Bard's Tale remake on the PS2 or oXbox?


Didn't think so. But if you if you would have played a perfectly serviceable Dark Alliance clone that was moderately amusing and had many of convenient shortcuts built into it. Weapons and armor auto-equipped so you were always ready with the best of what you had and old items could be broken down on the fly for gold so there was very little inventory management and running back to town to sell your backpack full of half broken weaponry. It also had the the beer, beer, beer song.

Truly, a marvel to behold.

I bring it up because DeathSpank reminds me of it in all of the good ways and a few of the bad ones. It is funny, at least as funny as games can be. Most of the extra bits have been removed in favor of keeping the action rolling (as is the style these days *cough*Mass Effect 2*cough*). But it is also a little difficult to look at and the combat boils down to block, swing, block, swing.  I will say that it feels quite large for a $15 downloadable title, and with a quick follow up that seems to be set in World War II, it must be making money.

It is almost enough to get me to forgive Hothead Games for killing On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness after only two episodes. Almost, but not quite. Fuckers.


...beer, beer, beer, tiddily, DAMNIT MAKE IT STOP!

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