Friday, October 22, 2010

Fluid definitions

Last night I played Street Fighter for over two hours, almost exclusively against a Hakan and Makoto. I did not win a single match. A round here or there fell my way, but there was no victory to be had, only oily embarrassment and punches to the gonads.

Hakan's advantages come mostly from no one knowing how to fight him. Sure, I have seen all sorts of impractical combos of his online, but to actually run into someone who can do most of them in a match is a little intimidating. And Makoto? I just needed to stop pressing buttons. My reflexing had be trying to mash out reversals and they never worked, leading only to getting P'd on. I don't know if it was fun or not, but I eventually fell back to Dan and just played like an asshole. I still didn't win, but it felt better than losing.

I was simply trolling, and that was okay.

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