Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey, who moved my bar?

After a shuffling around the lineup of my rock obsessed freak show I was able to get past the second to last song in Warriors of Rock (on hard, cause I am really not that good), only to find that there is one more after it that was even more ridiculous. Only this time I had all eight powers working at the same time. I think I understand why this choice was made, but it doesn't really fit with what Acitivsion themselves said that the game was all about. The exact quote escapes me, but a rep for either Activision of Neversoft said that 75% of players were playing the game on expert, so the new game is aimed directly at them. It shows, as the usual meadly meadly bullshit has filtered down into Hard where I usually hang out to avoid it. Now that all eight of the 'cheats' are working together, though, it really doesn't matter. Off the top of my head I get a full star power bar for ever completed phrase, I generate more star power for every ten consecutive notes I hit, I have two shields that prevent a chain loss, my minimum multiplier is 2 and my max is 8, my star power multiplier actually pushes it up to 32, I can out and out fail the song up to five times before it's game over, and then there is Johnny's power which just grants stars when do you cool things. It is almost impossible to fail a song. So the game throws more notes per second at you in seemingly random knuckle cracking configurations, but it is actually easier.

Of course the maximum number of stars available in a song is now forty, and the demi-god of rock expects me to revisit all the previous venues with my new group. Sure, I'll do that, on drums. Quest mode doesn't actual keep score, so I won't feel so bad failing around on my re-purposed Rock Band drums.

The pansy Autobot side of Transformers ended with a giant, multi-stage boss battle that would have been pretty epic if it was anywhere near what I was looking for. Over the course of the last eight stages I had fought Starscream and Soundwave, let them both live, and all I wanted to see was the epic showdown between Optimus and Megatron. Truth be told, I have never seen the original animated Transformers movie, so have preconceived notion to base this on, but it seems like the natural progression of things. Instead I fought an orbital gun who turned into Godzilla. Not bad, but not good enough. High Moon is probably saving this for the sequel: Transformers the Game of the Movie of the Cartoon of the Overpriced Toys.

Unless they somehow squirreled this litte nugget into the muliplayer. If so then fuck them, I'll never see it.

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