Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to waste a day

My first taste of episodic gaming came with Sin. I had never played the first, but the 'new' one was only $20 and promised new installments every month or so. Sin Emergence was pretty good, and I waited for a good long time for the follow ups, but they never came. Ritual ended up being purchased my MumboJumbo and relegated to the emerging casual gaming market, an early casualty in giving people who don't game what they want as opposed to giving people who do game even the smallest taste of what they crave. Things have changed since then, with Sam and Max and Wallace and Grommit being excellent examples of how it can be done well and make money at the same time. There are still broken promises (like OTRSPOD, like I mentioned yesterday), and I still have the little tinge of doubt when one game ends just as the next is beginning.

'Sure, you'll be in business,' I say, 'or at least you hope you will.'

Hell, the sequel to DeathSpank is already out and I had the same feelings. Of course the ending sequence had DeathSpank walking out of his medieval setting into World War II, proving that we still are not done with that war. It doesn't make much sense, but I am sure I will play it eventually.

Perhaps sooner than later if Quantum Theory is as bad as I have read.

I have the day off tomorrow. A strange man is coming to my house to do work in the bathroom that I lack the talent/resolve to accomplish, so I am going to do the only logical thing: hide in the basement while he works and play Street Fighter. 

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