Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I float, but not in the cold

I spent a good chunk of yesterday on a boat, and the rest of it in a casino where I was contractually prevented from gambling, so it was not a very fun day. In order to pass the time I was reduced to the terrible version of Texas Hold 'em on my Blackberry, and even that bricked up on the way back. I never wanted a smart phone, but now that it is there it was if one of my appendages had ceased to function, and Blackberries suck. Imagine if I had a good one.

Warriors of Rock is done for now. I have played through all of the songs on hard, moved over to quickplay+ (which is exactly the same as all previous versions) and decided to give it a break. Frankly, I am afraid of the move up to expert as hard had my fingers cramping on the longer metal songs. You would think that people angry enough to produce black metal would be concise, but no, they take eight minutes to tell you how pissed off that are at God, the world, people, your dog, their shitty manager and themselves.

Crackdown 2 is next on the list. It seems to be Crackdown 1.5, which may or may not be a good thing. The first game was one of the only titles that I have every enjoyed playing cooperatively. Jumping from building to building was great. Jumping from building to building while throwing cars at one another was better, and getting to the top of the building first only to drop kick my friend into a fifteen second free fall was amazing. I doubt that the sequel will duplicate this, but playing as an evil Superman should be fun for a while.

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