Friday, October 1, 2010

It's not emo, it's darker than that

It is easy to look at the depiction of Lars in Guitar Hero and assume that he is an exaggeration. If anything, he sells the insanity of Norwegian black metal quite short. Spend a little time reading about the bands Gorgorth and Marduk, or about the front man Gaahl (whom Lars appears to be modeled after at least in passing) and you begin to wonder what the fuck is wrong with people who live in Norway. I've actually been there. It was one of the cleanest, nicest places I have ever seen, which is exactly why the polar opposite oozes out of their concert halls.

Anyway, I do not plan on running out and buying any of it, but the tracks in Lars' set were just about as metal as you can get. Make that Metal. Or maybe METAL. METAL. This does set up an odd drop in difficulty after, but I appreciated the slight relaxation in tempo. It allowed me to get one more warrior of rock recruited before I had to surrender. There a few more excellent tracks there, not the least of which being a little Thorogood. It's a shame that Activition has managed to produce a game that no one wants, and that even the apologists are having a hard time dealing with.

In truth, a lot of these songs are going to make their way to Rock Band 3 in one form or another, so when I trade in my complete Guitar Hero collection to fund the new plastic torture device with 151 buttons I will not have lost that big of a library.

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