Sunday, October 3, 2010

Occasionally I do leave the house

So today was a first for me.

I attended a professional football match in person and have suffered no injury for it. On the contrary, getting in and getting out of the frozen tundra was surprisingly easy. The view was excellent for the price I paid, though the actual football I saw from said view was decidedly not. There was also an important lesson that I will have to remember when/if I return, and it had to do with the bathrooms.

The bathrooms were a bit gross, but serviceable. That is to be expected from a place that will hold 70,000 people, most of whom started drinking before 10:00. What was unfortunate was that in a bathroom with well over twenty urinals, there were only three stalls. Can you imagine the constant horribleness occurring there, especially when the default setting for food is brats, sour kraut and Miller Light?

Remember kids, do not poop at Lambeau  Field.

Oh, and I did play videogames last night, but there is not much to talk about beyond Optimus Prime not being near as cool as Megatron, but everyone already knows that.

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