Sunday, October 10, 2010

Profound sadness

I have said it before, though my rental queue may dispute it, I do have limits.

There are games that are so bad that I will not play them. Naughty Bear is such a game.

It was not really clear to me what the developers were attempting here, but it feels an awful lot like re-hash of the that Burger King game where you sneak around different areas scaring people and then handing them lunch. Only now instead of a king you are a bear and instead of lunch you wail on them with a dull machete. That actually makes it sounds more interesting than it is.

I made it about ten minutes in, just past the tutorial, and then the Teletubbies inspired narrator began to give me fits. The game had to go, for the sake of my health.

It also saddens me to say that Comic Jumper will not be purchased. I very much wanted to give Twisted Pixel more of my money, but Comic Jumper is trying much to hard to one up the humor of Splosion Man, and it just never quite makes it. I am sure there is more to offer than was shown in the demo, but was shown in the demo just wasn't very good. It draws an unfortunate parallel with Shank: really damn pretty, but shallow and not worth a second look.

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