Friday, October 29, 2010

The runaway gamer

Not much to say today. Played Rock Band 3 until I couldn't anymore. Sultans of Swing makes me happy. Beautiful People is oddly out of place. And this:

This is supposed to be an easy song, and it frightens me. I am honestly getting cold feet. Is it worth dropping $150 on this new controller? Will I have enough time to get good at it? How long until I bash in on the ground out of frustration? There is already around $70 out down on the thing, so I could get a game instead. I meant to pick up DJ Hero 2. Or I could finally bite the bullet and pick up a TE Madcatz stick.

I just don't know. This is all preemptive excuse making and there is no denying it. I went in planning on getting it and I should follow through on it, if only to potentially develop a usable skill beyond five colored buttons and a plastic strum bar. It's just that I am already mediocre at so many things, do I really need one more?

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