Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Playing Rock Band 3 last night was like the return of an old friend who had only gotten cooler in his absence, but was still for some reason willing to hang out with me. A few things had changed, most of them for the better, a few (like the angle of the note highway) for the worse, and the Rock Band 2 import didn't actually work until I was about to go to bed, but the months of absence had indeed made my heart grow fonder. Throughout the evening I received several invites to play with other people, none of which I accepted. Rock Band is not an online multiplayer game for me. It is about me regressing in age by many years and playing pretend with plastic instruments, something that I do not want to share with anyone else. I have only engaged in full band in person rocking on two occasions, and neither time was it nearly as much fun as doing things at my own pace. The first time the gulf in skill was so great between myself and everyone else playing that I got bored, and the second? The person singing was so bad that I had to take over, and I don't sing.

Ever. At least when anyone is around. And I still held a tune better than he did.

In an act of malicious irony, GameFly shipped Green Day Rock Band a few days ago. That shit is getting sent straight back.

As much as I would like to give Rock Band days and days of contiguous attention, my fingers lack the stamina required and I will have to take a day off. I suppose I could play the drums instead, but I really want to finish Dark Star One. There is no excuse for me enjoying this game. It is not the game that I am fooling myself into thinking it is. Perhaps my desire for a true sequel to Freelancer is so great that I have unconsciously deluded myself into accepting this unworthy imitation. I want it to be better than it is, so I just pretend that it actually is so.

Hey, I just figured out why so many people play Halo.

...Damn, that site didn't like my hot linking. At least it wasn't goatse.

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