Friday, October 8, 2010

Some things should not age

Why is it that when I am trying to quit playing for the night and I see a collectible sitting of in the distance I always feel compelled to take a few final minutes to go get it? And then when I get it and see a few others within walking distance there is just no stopping the downward (or onward) spiral. Crackdown 2 doesn't play this game of breadcrumbs better than any other game, but the floating green agility orbs are an almost impossible to resist. The stationary one are, anyway, the ones that actively run away from you, not so much. Power ups that avoid you, especially when they start floating over buildings and leading you like the pied piper to your watery doom, are better off being avoided. There are just one item on a long list of things that the game has that I will not bother with. Joining them are freak breaches, where hundreds of the things pour up out of the ground and all you are tasked with doing is killing them, and the races. I tried one race: the path led straight through several crowds of innocent civilians. Not being one to sacrifice speed for civility, I ran them all down. The peace keeping forces didn't approve and they did a pretty good job of stopping me.

It's hard to get my head around the XB360 turning five this November. It certainly doesn't feel that long ago that I first took it home, un-boxed it, then was completely underwhelmed by Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero. And Gun. And King Kong. And Quake 4. Really, the only good launch title was Project Gotham Racing 3, but even that serves as a fine example of how much things can improve over time on the same hardware. Crackdown 2 is also a good example, but of the opposite. The first Crackdown came out in 2007. The ensuing three years have seen huge leaps in what games look like and can do and Crackdown 2 has not kept up. It looks like the first game plus a disaster movie, so not good. All these new fangled devices have turned me into an even greater graphics whore than I was in the past, so a game looking three years old simply does not cut it.

No excuses here, this is an internal Microsoft production. They have all the keys to the kingdom, but they did not have the smarts to use them.

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