Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stupid computers are out to get me

Boring IT related stuff ahead, used as an excuse for why I have missed several days this week.

I never did get SQL 2005 to install on the stupid box. Windows was re-installed (I love being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) and as is to be expected with a Dell PC a few of the drivers were missing. One of them was the ethernet controller. This was also not unusual, so I downloaded the appropriate driver, installed it, and then stared incredulously at the device manager because it didn't work. The following morning, after tearing the physical box apart, I find that the on-board nic was dead and that I needed drivers for a PCI nic that had been added later. Fun times.

I also enjoyed the call I got this morning from a panicked co-worker about out new virtual server setup. All the virtual servers were gone. Just gone. It was not a fun morning.

Ok, that's done, back to game stuff.

The demo of Super Meat Boy was about all I needed of the game. It was fun for the fifteen minutes that it took me to get from beginning to end but I simply do not have the masochistic stamina to enjoy five hundred levels of unfair death. Yes, in controls well and yes, what I saw was amusing, but learning how to finish a level by dying fifty to a hundred times is not my idea of fun. The kid of I Wanna be the Guy is an unlockable character, which is all anyone needs to know to decide if they will like the game or not.

Dark Star One has fallen into a nice little pattern that betrays how bad the game actually is. I arrive in a new system, check my star map for where I need to go to get to the next story based mission, then look for a side quest that will point me in the right direction. Repeat ad naseum, only I have not gotten tired of it yet, even though every mission ends with me fighting off several wave of pirates or aliens or intersteller police, depending on who I was doing the job for. I really do wonder how long I will be amused by this, but as of right now it is holding my attention and keeping me from worrying about how I am going to afford the big scary Rock Band 3 guitar that is coming out next week.

One more thing, watch this:

and try, just try, to comprehend what is going on. MvC2 at this level is something I can not understand. It operates at such an incredible pace that I can barely watch it, much less try to see what strategies are being employed.

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