Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There is always something worse

As I sit here with two computers humming away, one old tired bastard that I am readying for work and my sexy beast throbbing quietly a few feet away, I find myself getting more and more annoyed that I have to work now instead of playing something, even something as bland as Dark Star One. I remember seeing this game on a shelf years ago, biding its time before brick and mortars stopped selling PC titles completely, and thinking 'Wow. That looks a lot like Freelancer.' I liked Freelancer a great deal. It was one of those games that sneaked up on you, slowing pulling you in until every waking moment was dominated by wondering what you were going to do next in game; essentially Grand Theft Auto in space, minus any controversy. I was helpless to the game for weeks, then it ended and we never spoke again. A brief affair, but a torrid one, and Dark Star One reminded me a bit of this old flame. Until I played it.

There are a few truths that any space based game must either deal with or bypass. First of all, space is mostly empty, so there is shit to do most of the time. A good space fighter simply ignore this and crunches everything down into interestingly crowded, if unrealistic, areas. Dark Star One tried to do this, but everything looks the same and it still take too long to get anywhere. You know when time dilation is an option things are too far apart to maintain any pacing. Secondly, there is no sound in space. No game or movie or television show has ever gotten this right, because doing it right would suck, so this game gets an automatic pass. Finally, why the hell should I have to lead a target when I am firing lasers at them, they move at the speed of light!

Crap, I had this thought out better but the old bastard of a computer just puked all over itself when I tried to install SQL 2005 on it, and now I am all pissed off.


Bah, Dark Star One is a bad game, and it is still more fun than this.

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