Thursday, November 4, 2010

Comfort clicks

There is something comforting about a good Diablo clone. I am not going to talk about Torchlight much, as it is over a year old and everyone in the world with a reasonable computer and clicking finger has already played it, but I will say that sitting down in front of my keyboard and mouse was a little like coming home again. I have no idea if I will finish it this time, as I have started this game on three separate occasions, but the three hours I spent with it made me wonder why I neglect my PC so much. It is an entirely different experience than console gaming, a more personal one fraught with greater danger and more compelling rewards. There is also much more frustration, which seeing Cryostasis sitting in my un-played virtual pile of Steam game reminded me. I like knowing that what I bring home will run without questions. Upgrading a computer is of course fun, but I lack the fund to do so on a regular basis.

Thank goodness Torchlight would run on my phone if it had to.

Back to Rock Band 3 this evening. There are around twenty songs that are left out of the career mode, most of which will force me to drop the level down to a more manageable difficulty to get through.

Maybe I should just give up and buy the keyboard, or upgrade my drums, or finally be a TE stick?

Bah, I am disgusted by my wussiness. Soldier on, and be terrible!

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