Friday, November 26, 2010

Dirty tricks

After two more nights of playing I have come up with one hundred and one more trivial complaints about Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. The combat, though slightly improved, still is a mess. There have been startlingly few actual assassinations in the first eight hours, to the point that it feels more like an italian Prince of Persia than a game about sneaking around and sticking sharp objects into people from behind. For all the platforming it does I still do not like how the free running system works. Far to often I find myself watching in resigned frustration as Ezio flings himself off of a ledge when all I wanted to do was climb up to an outcropping that was at chest level.

Yet I keep playing. There is something here that I cannot explain, something that Ubisoft has secreted away between fetch quests that keeps me from unwrapping the wonder that is an actual copy of Gran Turismo 5. Perhaps it is how real the city feels, teeming with aristocrats and soldiers and bums and harlots (side note: every single free faction house is being given to the hookers guild. My Roma will be just like Vegas, baby). It is a pity that the city feels somehow more empty of things to do than previous games, even though I am sure that it is larger, square footage wise. A great deal is being teased at right now, with large sections of the city simply blocked off by partially invisible walls. This is especially frustrating when I can see missions on the other side that I want to do. If I can't get get them done at this point don't show them to me, it will allow me to better focus on the missions that I can do and not get bored trying to do the ones I can't.

Much as I had feared, my pro-guitar sites idly next to one of my speakers, untouched in over a week. If this had been a peripheral for Rock Band 2 instead of 3 it would see nearly constant use. Every week I bought all the downloadable songs available, weather I liked the songs or not. Now I am still a bit burned out from the initial five button play through, making much less ready to tackle the monster with 100 buttons.

I blame Activision.

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