Monday, November 29, 2010

Lame, lamer, lamest

I suppose Assassins Creed: Brother cannot be nearly as blase as I have made it out to be if I managed to spend over four hours at a time on it for several days in a row. Now that the entire map has finally been unlocked I realized that locking me out of large sections was necessary to keep me moving it at least the general direction that they wanted me to go in. I still think that there must have been a better way to do it than semi-transparent walls, but you get what you pay for, and this really is just Assassins Creed 2 version 2. It should come to close in a day or so, depending on how much time I spend wandering around looking for that one blacksmith shop that I didn't open (hint: not much). The whole process of Ezio walking through newly freed areas and buying up all the abandoned shops has such a wise guys mafia feel to it that I keep waiting for the assassins cloak and dagger to be replaced by a bowler hat and tommy gun. Think about it: the assassins kick out the borgia and renovate all the landmarks and stores, but there is now a protection fee to go with it, a fee that has quickly become my primary source of income. Don't have enough money for that broken viaduct? Give it twenty minutes, it will be there.

The Newegg Winter Wanfest starts up tomorrow and I am woefully unprepared. My first match is with some guy whose gamertag is 'ZeroNineteen.' I predict a one bar flowchart Ken and will probably lose in spite of know exactly what move is coming (FIERCE SHORYKEN!) so I plan on laming it out with Blanka just to see what happens. The matches are set to best of five instead of best of three so there will be plenty of time to adjust to what the other guy is going to do. This will only matter if I actually have a chance at beating him, it could just give him more time to wait for me to beat myself. Being forced to practice again will be a good thing. The last time I played at all I was was remapping buttons to try to get piano jab X electricity working with no success. I am just not consistent enough to add in into my game right now, so I will have to rely on shenanigans and Blanka's magic crouching fierce punch to scare away jump ins.

Of course if I do win Mr. ZeroNineteen will just say that Blanka is cheap and skulk of into a corner. I am okay with that.

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