Friday, November 12, 2010


There was a definite moment of hesitation when between when I sat down in front of TV and actually starting to play Dead Rising 2. This first game was good, but there was an odd mix of tedium and desperation that was difficult to bare. I do not like being given options or quests that I cannot conceivably accomplish with the abilities I currently have, and Dead Rising did this constantly. Here, rescue this person on the opposite end of the mall when you are just not powerful enough to wade through the undead horde and make it back in time to accomplish the next mandatory objective! Eventually I gave up and just let all the innocents die, something that I want to avoid in Dead Rising 2. Things did not start of well, with an old lady that I was trying to lead to safety wandering off and being eaten and a stripper who I had to desert to make the time limit for another quest dying to an errant broad sword swing when I made it back to check on her. This is game that wants to be played more than once, or at least started over when I die, and I really don't want to play it that way.

Maybe I will portray Chuck as one of the psychos he runs across and just murder the living along with the dead. That was how I ended the demo, with Chuck beating two fans to death just because he did not have the time to jump through the hoops that wanted in exchange for an item that was useless to them. Why stop now?

It really is exactly the same game in a different setting, identical to the point that I wonder why it took so long to get it done. Maybe Capcom need the extra time to squeeze in more fan service to their other games. So far Chuck's daughter is playing Mega Man on her generic hand held and there is a Blanka mask for sale in the pawn shop. It can only go down hill from here, so I might as well put on a hoop skirt, wield a gold club, and enjoy the hand basket ride.

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