Monday, November 22, 2010

Spectator Fighter IV

Last night instead of trying to knock out Clash of the Titans (which continues in its terribleness, but is still amusing in the same way a hanging that takes too long is amusing) I got as comfortable as I could in my computer chair and watched the NorCal regionals stream. That's right, I did not play or even practice Street Fighter, I watched it, and I must say that is almost as fun as playing online without any of the stress. Super Street Fighter IV really could make it as a spectator sport. All it needs is a better presentation, 1080p would suffice, and more consistent announcing. Seth Killian is the perfect example of this: he obviously knows what he is talking about but never gets so excited that his speech regressing to that of the toddler who has been given a shiny new toy. On several occasions Juice Box was reduced to grunts and dancing. I can't hold it against him because, hey, it's Juice Box, but that shit will simply not fly in a more serious presentation.

If ESPN was able to turn poker into a spectator sport, why not Street Fighter. The top eight could be easily reduced to an hour program, complete with annoying little bios about the players. Seth was already throwing in little tidbits about Daigo's father and his support of the wandering virtual warrior lifestyle. It was interesting and provided back story for the match without guys like Filipino Champ talking about 'bodying faggots.' There would have to be some moderation, both on the players' and fans' parts, but it could definitely work. And as much as I liked Ricky Ortiz' nazi/dictator hat, he probably should not have worn in in front of a camera. Or in public. Or ever.

I was on the Vangeif train from the very beginning, but he ran in to a bad matchup and was not able to get around it. One trick ponies like Vangeif and Gamerbee are fun to watch, but they always seem to come up short when they run into someone whose tool box is not limited to one move set. Not even Daigo is that one dimensional; his Guile is really good and his Boxer in HDR is terrifying. See? There is more than enough going on here for a series of one hour specials following the majors into EVO, and I wouldn't have to watch a choppy stream with my headphones on to enjoy it. Someone needs to make this happen. I am looking at you, Mr. Seth Killian, only you could talk Capcom into doing something that actually made sense.

Of course, I don't actually have cable, so I would still never see it, but I would buy them on DVD later.

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