Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 seconds is a long damn time

Sitting at a stop light usually doesn't feel like it takes that long, mostly because there is no alternative to doing so. Sure, it might be possible depending on your vehicle to off road it around or simply go over the person in front of you, but that will most likely result in going to jail. Going to jail in real life sucks and is motivation enough to obey traffic laws. Enter Mafia II, a game that offers almost as much freedom as GTA but will punish you accordingly for abusing it. Example: it is the middle of the night and I have true drunk goodfellas in the car along with a body in the drunk that has been there long enough to start oozing through the floor boards. I obviously need to get rid if this thing and my boss (who happens to be one of the drunk guys) tells me to drive to the other end of town and drop it in a hole that he had already dug. Easy enough, but they are tons of cops around, so I have to obey all the mundane traffic laws that I would normally ignore. Sitting at a light with a cop behind me for thirty seconds was one of the most uncomfortable moments I have ever had in a game.

Almost as uncomfortable as the shower rape scene. Heyo!

I remember Mafia II be derided for its lack of freedom. It really does guide you by the hand from mission to mission, but sacrificing freedom for a better narrative makes it a better game. I am sure there will be time enough after the story is done to wander around town as a made man and extort mooks for protection money. Right now enough random things happen during the story missions to keep me occupied. It reminds me a lot of Oblivion in this way; every gaming session produces a story or two that no one else will have scene. Last night I went to another bar to retrieve another drunk friend. This time he managed to inadvertently shoot the bartender. I shoved him out into a car, dragged the body half way out into the yard, then stopped in my tracks. There was something I was forgetting, something very in character that had to be done.

I forgot to empty his cash register. Someone had to pay to clean the blood off my suit.

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