Monday, December 20, 2010

Boxed expectations

Rock of the Dead lost track of making fun of its own terribleness and just ended up being terrible in the end. Someone realized that that they had put together a five hour game and panicked. Instead of making more game, which there was no time, money or talent for, they just made you do everything twice. Now Neil Patrick Harris is funny, and him voicing the un-named rocker dude is part of what made things bearable, but even he gets old after a while. Which reminds me, why haven't we seen a Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Video Game yet, or at least a track or two end up in Rock Band?

Things are going to be thin for a few days, as all of my shit is in boxes and all I have left is my computer (which means I played Poker Night at the Inventory until I got bored with it and remembered that I hadn't written anything today). I looked at the Steam sale and nothing caught my eye, then I looked at my Steam library and here is one game that I bought during last years sale that I haven't played yet, another that I tried and failed at, and a third that I have started at least twice and never got through. On the third, The Witcher, actually weighs heavy on my mind. It was a good game and I do not know why I have never gotten past the first chapter. PC games always seem to take a back seat to the endless tide of so so console titles, and that just isn't fair.

On that note it is time to start thinking about the best games I played this year. Amnesia is certainly high on the list, but it is difficult to compare a relatively low budget little title to gigantic releases like Red Dead Redemption. I will need to find a way to segregate these things, best big and best little and best that I never got around to playing. Castlevania is on its way and I fear it will arrive while I am between houses, or worse yet after I arrived to find that my new UVerse wireless just won't reach my man cave in the basement.

Pulling cable sucks, but sometimes it is the only option.

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