Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Horse shit

It's the evening of Christmas day and my extended family is gone. Everyone else who lives here has either gone to bed or retired to their rooms. I have a pretty good sized bowl of leftover cranberry sauce and there is deep fried turkey in the fridge. In spite of all of this I am not happy. Why? Because the only game I have to play right now is Castlevania, and I do not want to jump back into it.

I checked the metacritic scores and I have no idea what game these people were playing. It is a linear game and I have no problem with that; it is how to original Castlevania's were and it worked well. What I do not like are items hidden in the linear yet somehow confusingly laid out levels that you cannot get on the first time through. Even if you acquire the appropriate ability or item through the course of the level and inadvertently take one step to far the level ends and the only is to play the entire thing a second time. Of course the second time is not just a replay, it is more difficult and there are additional challenges. This smacks of bull shit, as the only thing is does (besides really piss me off) is pad out what already appears to be a really long game. Going back through a level to retrieve the one missed health upgrade is bad enough, but making it more difficult the second time is just silly.

About the only thing nice I have to say at this point is that Patrick Stewart once again proves that he can do just about anything that he wants to do. This is not the first time he attempted voice acting, and he brief outing as Emperor Septim was also quite good. I do wonder if he actually needs the money or if there just aren't any roles for an ex-captain of the Enterprise.

Oh wait, there are:

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