Friday, December 24, 2010

New - Old, Old - New

There is something wonderfully satisfying about seeing you gaming setup broken down, put into boxes, then resurrected three days later in a lightly larger basement with a hardwired internet connection. I set up my Xbox as a Windows Media Extender just to see it test the bandwidth to my server and was delighted to find that I can stream whatever I damn well please. My PS3 had a similar experience, yet it still took the thing twenty minutes to apply a system update. It's like the thing doesn't want me to like it.

Enough about my new gaming cave, more about what happens in it. I inaugurated the set up by finally playing Castlevania Lords of Shadow. After the first few hours I have to say that I am disappointed. It didn't feel like a Castlevania, just like yet another God of War clone. It looked good, but there was so much detail and the camera was so far back that I often lost track of the hero and what I was supposed to be doing with him. The last straw came when I was killed for the third time in a row by a colossus directly out of Shadow of Colossus. I will never fault a game for relying on the success of previous titles for ideas; there just aren't many new ideas in the world of gaming to be had. Castlevania, though, has such a history that it would have been better to pull from its own progeny then go rooting around in other genres' graveyards.  There has still not been a high definition sequel to Symphony of the Night, something that the universe at large needs to answer for.

Santa, if you are out there, I have a bottle Chimay Grand Reserve that I will split with you if you can make this happen. We can get nice and toasty before you head out to deliver another sleigh full of Wiis that will get used for a week and then never again.

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