Thursday, December 2, 2010

No farsi

Time to catch up. Things have been busy at work, and on top of that I (that is, we) have managed to purchase a new house and will closing on the 20th, with occupancy that very day. It's a great time to up-size, but a rotten time to sell off the old house, so I am seriously looking into becoming a slum lord and just holding on to it, wringing every drop of rent I can out of various meth heads before calling the cops in and starting over.

The Wanfest did not go well. My initial opponent never showed up. I waited until around 8:30 and then declared myself the winner. Content with things going about as well as they could, I went back to Assassins Creed, only to get an invite from my second round match. He had also won his first game and wanted to get a jump on things. No problem, I joined in and sent him an invite.


Of course. The guy's gamertag was fLoE, and I think there is a high end player with that name, but I am not totally sure and I have no idea if he actually plays Rufus. Regardless of who he was, after taking the first round because he misjudged his Ultra 2 chip damage I was bodied. The second game saw me attempt to lame it out, but even that didn't help work. Every time I pushed a button I was either nailed with a jesus kick or juggled. It was just not a good time. His 'ggs' message at the end felt rather incredulous, but I will take what I can get before Blanka gets hit with the nerf bat in AE.

My opinion of Assassins Creed Brotherhood peaked a few days ago and fell back down as I played through the final two chapters. Ezio ceased being an assassin and became some sort of Conan character, replete with giant sword and magical item that killed everyone he looked at. With the stealth element gone all that was left was a mediocre hack and slash that took itself far to seriously. By the time I got to end and was back in a present day Tomb Raider rip off I was bored. Yes, the platforming worked well, but it was also very easy. I was reminded of the Price of Persia reboot (Prince of Persia: Easy Mode) and now dread the third game more than ever. If takes place entirely in the present day and stars Desmond the sleep walking assassin I will still play it, but I will complain about it he entire time.

Which is no different than normal, I suppose.

Please note that I never did play any of the multiplayer, so there may be magic on the disc that I will never see. The whole thing feels like overgrown downloadable content. At least this way I was able to play it without actually buying it.

Medal of Honor is about as generic a shooter as you will find. Not good, not bad, but missing any of the punch that made the previous Call of Duty's memorable. Here's a hint EA: calling the bad guys the taliban is not really going to raise that many eyebrows. Killing a terminal full of innocent Russians is the way to go if you are trying to shock someone. I never thought I would utter these words, but I suddenly miss shooting Nazis. Or Russians.

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