Thursday, January 27, 2011

An adequate ending

After the corrupt save debacle I was just about ready to give up on New Vegas. At the very least doing things in a slightly less destructive manner the second time through Ceaser's camp opened up quite a few more quests. Two night ago I put off the end game to do just a little more exploring and am very happy I did. A new vault had appeared, and even though there were no quests associated with it (at least from the start) it was the best two hours that the game had to offer. New Vegas had done quite a few things, but it had not yet been frightening or even the least bit unnerving. Ghouls were used as comic relief in spite of their grotesque appearance, so it was just about time for something to make me jump, or at the very least think twice about barreling around a corner without worrying about what might be there.

Oddly enough, it was zombies that finally did it; radioactive zombies to be exact. The vault started out with an extensive cave complex that was irradiated from beginning to end. I had a radiation suit with me so I was prepared, but the suit did almost nothing to stop damage. When I got to vault entrance what looked like a ghoul stood up. It took it charging at me to realize it was different, bonier, with sharp teeth and a scream that belonged in Dead Space or Silent Hill. Just one wasn't so bad, but killing him just pulled more screams from the darkness of the vault. Each time one died more came, drawn by their fallen brothers' death rattles. Eventually they got more powerful, some wearing armor, other with the ability to cause intense explosions that broke all my limbs and filled me full of RADs. It was more intense than anything before or after despite there being almost no story an only a token quest at the end involving a few people trapped in the vault's reactor chamber.

Screw letting them out, I sent the place into a meltdown and walked away.

After killing the man in the striped suit my courier went into a violent downward spiral that turned him against every ally he had made during the first part of his quest. His only friend was the robot Yes Man, and it took little convincing on the robot's part to get him to destroy the Hoover Dam and ruin everything for everyone. The finals battles were interesting, with the NCR and the Legion fighting each other, then turning their guns on me after I removed someone head with a point blank shotgun blast from behind. The only real mistake I had made was destroying an army of backup robots that Yes Man could have used to bolster by meager forces, but the final encounters were solved with my maxed out speech skill and not zoning back and forth between areas. I convinced the Legion commander that spreading his forces out to fight the NCR was a tactically terrible idea and he left, then I convinced the NCR commander that the dam was now mine and that he should leave quickly, lest my few remaining robot bodyguards tossed his sorry ass off the dam.

It was an adequate ending to an adequate game. I am sure there were many, many more hours to be wrung out of New Vegas, but this was enough.

The time had come to drop phat beats, phatter beats than I had dropped before.

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