Thursday, January 20, 2011

But I hardly know her

I made it all the way through Fallout 3 without ever finding the dog everyone was talking about. The closet I came to a companion as a trigger happy super-mutant who stayed with me just long enough to get tired of me hiding behind him and turn on me. Thankfully even super-mutant have a hard time dealing with five or six mines in a row. It just felt better wandering around by myself with no one looking over my shoulder as my allegiances constantly shifted and I stole from everyone who wasn't looking. New Vegas was going that way, too, until I picked up a follower completely by mistake. She was drunk in a bar and I had done one errand for her, then ripped into her lazy ass with a speech skill that I have dropped an inordinate number of points into. Turns out she was into that sort of thing and has been following me around ever since.

It wasn't all bad; she was a decent shot and had an interesting companion quest about finding the people who killed off her caravan. She wanted to go in shooting, I wanted to play ninja, and I got my way. During the final part of the quest I was in a shop belonging to the company that had my companion's crew rubbed out and one of the heavies asks me to go and get someone for him. Always looking to make a few caps I obliged, only to find out he wanted to see the whiskey soaked loose cannon that I came in with. She walked over, he threatened her, I said knock it off, and suddenly I have fifteen plus angry dudes with plasma rifles shooting at me.

I ran away.

Well, I didn't run far. I just hid around the corner and shot the goons in the head one at a time until there were none left. The shop was not empty of all barriers to looting, so I marched back in and filled my pockets. Rose (I think that is her name) yelled at me for starting a fight without warning her ahead of time. I nearly shot her myself.

There is no way to know if this played out the way the developers intended or if I broke the quest by being careless. The brilliant part is that is doesn't matter. Intentional or not it was very amusing, and just one of many stories that have come out of a scant twenty hours of play.

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