Monday, January 17, 2011

Going nowhere

Fallout and I are having a disagreement over what should and should not affect my karma. According to Fallout every evil, moderately evil, mischievous, somewhat naughty or even slightly blue thing I do goes against my karma. I am of the opinion that these things are only true if I get caught and if the evil that I do does not help the greater good. For example, I just saved a town from a gang of escaped prisoners who had them all hostage. They are grateful, but not quite grateful enough, so I relieved them of them extra ammo and the caps from their safes. That may sound bad, but I am going to use that ammo and money to good in the next town, who I will then rob blind in the name of future good deeds. They are helping me more than they know, more than they probably want to, but it is not a selfish act on my part. I am stealing their shit to help. So fuck bad karma, I have saved enough lives that a few compulsory donations are in order, even if the victims, I mean benefactors don't agree.

Three days of play time in and I haven't even gotten close to New Vegas, much less advanced any of the plot related quests any further than absolutely necessary. I did run into an area that I was clearly not supposed to be in yet, at least that it was the deathclaw said before he removed my brain from my skull, but that just meant it was time to turn around and walk the other way into the wilderness seeking adventure and poorly locked doors. I am likeCaine from Kung Fu, only with less scruples and powerful ranged weapons. And no hand to hand combat. And no history of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Never mind, I don't want to be like Caine at all. Did you know that Carradine didn't even learn kung fu until after the original series was canceled? He was a dancer; a dancer with a sword wielding, boxing, street fighting background. OK, he's kind of cool again.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Fallout. That random sentence is a perfect example of how I play the game. Here is my quest, this is where I am going, going to go there and get the thing that I need for the guy back at the HEY! What is that! Off in the distance, what is that? I must investigate it, loot it, kill everything that lives in it, then go back and sell off all the bits of junk that I picked up. Several hours later, now where was I? Oh yeah, the quest. Here I go, off to get the thing for the guy back at the HEY! What is that?!

Kwai Chang Caine is not amused with my stupid shit. Oh well.

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