Friday, January 14, 2011

He's not just Hellboy, you know, he was in City of Lost Children, too.

I would make some sort of pithy remark about Fallout and how it never changes but doing so without Ron Perlman's voice lacks gravitas of any sort and I am sure many people have already made the joke. I also don't think that it is a bad thing, as Fallout 3 was excellent and Fallout New Vegas picks up right where the last one left off, at least in a game play sense. The opening was not quite as good; recovering from a botched shot to the head is not as engaging are playing out your characters youth in a vault, no offense to current events intended. I did feel a little better about tweaking my characters after the interactive generation, attempting once more to re-create my wonderful, awful character from Oblivion. There were simply not enough points to go around, so I ended up as a sneaking marksman with a golden tongue instead of the sneaky golden tongued marksman who could open your save and crack into your computer then get a discount at the shop as he sells what he stole for new weapons.

But there is still time.

The VATS system is still just as useful as it is grotesquely cinematic. I do not know how I mange to remove heads with a handgun but it looks cool every time it happens. Repairing items seems to be easier, though there is also the possibility that I just did not understand how it worked in the last game. There is so much here, even in just the opening area, that missing items and quests and interesting bits of junk to pick up is inevitable. The randomness of environmental occurrences approaches STALKER, with no two treks across the desert ending the same way.

The character models are all still hideous, but that is what a nuclear holocaust will get you. The hot chicks die first for some reason. Or perhaps icky upper lip hair in a natural antidote to radiation sickness.

In Street Fighter news, we have found a mirror match that is even more boring that Honda or Blanka.

I tried to count the sonic booms. There are 56 in the first round. 107 in the second. Then I gave up.

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