Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's not easy staying green

Playing Fable 3 has left me very little to talk about. It is unremarkable and moderately amusing at the same time. What it hasn't managed to be yet is at all funny, despite its constant and often desperate attempts at humor. Deathspank managed to be funny in a self mocking way that worked for many hours. Rock of the Dead, a truly terrible music-ish game, managed more than a few laughs, but mostly because I kept picturing Neil Patrick Harris reading a line and then staring incredulously at the voice acting directer through the studio glass, wondering what he had done that was so awful that this was being inflicted upon him. The previous two Fable games were a reasonable mix of drama and farce, and the seemed to know when it was time to knock all the silly shit off and get down to business. Fable 3 tried to be serious once and a while but it is never believable, and then it tries to be funny, and it is isn't believable. It is constantly stuck somewhere between drama and comedy, like watching Airplane on a black and white television in German with no subtitles. You can recognize that there is humor there, somewhere, but all the angst never goes away for long enough for it settle in.

The past two days have been terrible at work, and the hours at home that should have been empty were also filled with work, hence my lack of posting. Bitching about having to make a living is never fun to read, though, so I will talk about finally finishing up last night had spending three more hours fighting in the streets. The unthinkable has finally happened: I have grown tired of playing Blanka. Almost every match plays out the same way, with me fishing for a life lead and then running away until the round ends. It didn't help that I ran into a much better Blanka who hopped over my my prone corpse over and over then hit me with jab X electricity, wondering why I wasn't doing the same (hint: I'm not that good). Not wanting to move to far from my home position of down back I wandered back to Dee Jay. Oddly enough not playing as him for months seems to have improved my game with him. Either that or no one else ever plays him and the match up to totally unfamiliar. My logical side knows that he really is just Guile with worse normals, but he is fun to play, and sometimes that is all that matters. I do wish that at least on of his ultras was better. Ultra 1 is okay for punishing some fireballs and catching people pushing buttons but it is so slow coming out that is it terrible for punishing whiffed attacks. Ultra 2 has combo and juggle options, but they are not exactly easy to do and the ultra motion itself is a pain in the ass. If he had Guile's ultra 2 it would be great, but I will survive.

I did find out that Dee Jay's recovery after a fire ball (or max out, or whatever it is) is not as good as Guile's. A cross screen dash ultra to the face from Chun Li at the cost of a round is proof enough of that.

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