Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recapturing hatred

Fallout New Vegas really, really pissed me off on Saturday might. It has been three days and my anger has subsided, but I need to get in the right frame of mind to recount what happened. Being at work helps, of course, but I need something teeth gratingly rage inducing. I got it.

Demons' Souls.

Now I am plenty pissed. New Vegas is losing its way quickly. For the first third of the game there was a clear goal and a clear destination: kill the guy in the stripped suit who is hiding on the strip. I still wandered around killing things, but the mere presence of a well defined goal kept me from losing all track of time and purpose. Once I killed him and was given free reign to chose between many, many paths the story suffered. There was more freedom but the narrative trailed off into nothing. I know I am supposed to make contact with all the major powers in the area, but I don't really know why, and even though I think I am bending them to my will there is still a gnawing suspicion that I am played for a fool.

It was in this mood of suspicious diplomacy that I answered an invitation from Ceaser himself for a meeting in the Legion's base. This is the same Legion that likes to crucify entire towns and start people on fire before throwing them into the Grand Canyon, so I was a little nervous. Sure enough, I get off the boat and they ask for all my guns. I refuse, they start cock waving, I say no again, and the shooting starts. Things are not going well: this is a military run island, there are lots and lots of guy, some melee and some ranged, and they don't let me hind around the corner and drink sarsaparilla to regenerate health like most other enemies do. I fight my way to the front gate, having used every stimpack I own, walk through (loading screen) and am shot dead as soon as I can move.

No problem, the guy who removed my head was to my left, so I ran reloaded the autosave and ran forward. Still dead. On the third try I entered VATS as soon as I could move and killed my assailant. It worked on him, but the three guys behind him still killed me. In the forth try I figured out how to cheat: kill a guy or two then flee back through the main gates of the compound. The Legion didn't follow and I was able to find a place to sleep just down the hill. This process went on for almost two hours, but I killed every rat bastard in the place, right up to and including Ceaser himself. This broke about a half dozen quests and I didn't care; they were all dead and I was going to get rich from pawning their antique weapons are armor. Feeling rather pleased with myself I fast traveled back to the strip to unload the first backpack full of loot.

Black screen. I could hear music, but the system was completely unresponsive. This had happened once before. Time to turn the system off and load the autosave that kicks off before every fast travel.

'Your autosave data is corrupt.'


New Vegas had punished me for cheating. It had broken my knuckles and thrown back out on the street minus the two hours of experience and caps I had illegitimately gained. So I started over from my last manual save, handed my weapons over and talked to Ceaser like a good boy, and was thoroughly pissed off the entire time.

What makes it even worse is that the Brotherhood of Steel pulled the same shit on me last night. I might have been able to take them (my cheating, of course) but was scared to even try, lest I get bitch slapped by a buggy game again. I hope this is done soon. I am losing interest.

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