Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take it off! Oh god, put it back!

I finally saw New Vegas last night. It seemed to float on the horizon, the one light source that would not boil me into a radioactive pool of goo if I got too close. This kind of wanton civilization seemed out of place, especially when compared to the burnt out factories and towns I had been exploring, but that is the whole point. New Vegas isn't like the rest of the wasteland. It is one of the few surviving cities from the old world, with all the good and bad that comes along with it. I still have some more exploring to do before stepping in and trying to not lose all of my caps, but the giant wasps that I ran into on one side and the waterlurks on the other are herding me towards the promised land. The game is still open ended, it is just not a good idea to wander into a few places before you are ready. I do not mind being pushed in this way, it keeps things moving and prevents people with fifteen second attention spans from never getting anyway.

When I do finally make it there I am terrified that I am going to find a ghoul strip club. Think about it: taking everything off suddenly includes the dancers skin.

It feels like I should talk about the innards of the PS3 being laid bare for all the miscreants of the gaming world to poke through and take advantage of, fingering through its intestines, trying to find a place to put their custom firmware and Modern Warfare hacks. I remember when I first discovered piracy, using springs and odd attachments to fool my Playstation, then not having to try to fool the Dreamcast at all. Free games were all find and good, but I stopped because I realized that I was not harming the giant evil developers, I was taking money from the people I respected: the guys at the end of the line who did the art and programming and bug testing, all waiting for their piece of an ever shrinking pie. I did not want to be a part of that, and I have no respect for those who do, especially when they couch stealing with idealistic bullshit.

But in truth, I know I cannot control what people do and have ceased caring. Sony will ban them, they will complain, and it will have no affect on me.

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